Monday, 20 April 2015

The Holy Sepulchre in York Minster

Set up in the north transept of York Minster from Palm Sunday, underneath the famous Five Sister’s window, is an Easter Garden. Around five metres long, the garden recalls key scenes from the Passion of Christ and is added to throughout the Easter Week. During Holy Week, York Minster is the only cathedral in the country to host a daily Choral Evensong every day, from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday.

Easter Garden, York Minster. Photograph: Laura Slater

Recreating Jerusalem in York

Every year, the English weather permitting, York Minster holds a Palm Sunday service with a procession through the streets of York, from St Helen's Square in the centre of the city to the Minster. Recalling Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem, the procession is led by Joey the donkey, with the choir singing and worshippers following behind. 

Palm Sunday Procession in York. Photograph: York Mix

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Golgotha in Yorkshire

In Catholic areas of Europe, monumental Calvaries and stations of the Cross are a common sight in the landscape. 

Calvary at the Church of Maria Plain, Salzburg. Photograph: Laura Slater